Prohibition won’t work, restrictions will 

IN RESPONSE to Colin Westbrook’s letter in Monday’s NDL, I actually agree with most of what Colin has said. I’m just a little disappointed that he hasn’t read my letter properly. 

You will not find the word prohibition mentioned anywhere in my letter. Prohibition comes from the word prohibit. Prohibit, according to the Oxford Dictionary means “to formally forbid by law”. The word I used was restriction, not prohibition. There is a difference. 

I am not against the use of alcohol but its availability needs to be restricted. 

You might like to use gun law as an example. 

Guns are still available to criminals, however the fact the availability of assault rifles and automatic weapons has been severely restricted in Australia has made our country far safer than places like the USA or Iraq. 

There will always be black markets if someone can make a buck out of it, however if you can’t just run down to the corner store and pick up an AK 47 or M16 that’s got to be a good thing for society hasn’t it? 

Alcohol is no different. I agree prohibition won’t work, but restrictions will.




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