It’s management, not pranksters to blame

IT IS most unlikely a prank phone call on its own to King Edward VII Hospital caused Jacintha Saldanha to take her life; all she did was to transfer the phone call.

It is far more probable in my opinion that she was subject to a scathing dressing-down by her superiors and ridicule by others now denied, with threat of management discipline that caused the unnecessary guilt, shame and fear that led to the tragic event.

You would have to be a bit naive to believe she was not held to ridicule and scorn, such being what human nature is. 

The hospital management said she was not going to be subject to reprimand; I do not believe that, knowing the British nature.

The fault lies not with the prank phone call, for that could have could have been of UK origin, it lies entirely with the hospital management for not having in place strict protocols to deal with phone calls when high-profile patients are present.

Unless strict protocols are in place, to the contrary when asked to transfer a call, you would do so.

2DAY-FM is not responsible for this sad death.

It is the end result of other extended matters now denied and the fear, guilt and shame put into Jacintha’s mind by others. 

Stop the guilt trip and the theories until it is fully investigated by the police and coroner and the facts are known.




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