Peel River Estate development should proceed

IT IS important legitimate developments are not hijacked by side issues.

To its credit, Tamworth Regional Council looked at the development application for stage one of the Peel River Estate residential development in isolation and was not influenced by public concern about a potential threat to English oak trees along King George V Ave.

Attempts to block the development because future stages might impact on the avenue are short-sighted.

Developments should be able to proceed, providing they meet the planning requirements.

The council should determine each development application on its merits.

To do otherwise would have sent the wrong message to developers and other business organisations with projects in mind.

The first 104 lots of the Peel River Estate fit comfortably within the expansion plans for Calala.

The estate also fits within the council’s overall residential development plan for the city. They will take some time to develop and sell.

It is accepted that some residents, particularly those who live along King George V Ave, are nervous about the future of their tranquil location and the preservation of some of the oak trees.

But Tamworth must be allowed to grow – not at any cost, but within the council’s strategic plan and within the scope of the planning laws.

Traffic generated by these 104 lots will be accommodated by existing streets. The additional traffic is minimal.

While the estate’s developer has plans for more than 500 lots, each stage of this development must be allowed to undergo the necessary scrutiny and assessment before it is approved or rejected.

It is not until 150 lots are approved will the council be required to look at the issue of alternative access and any impact on King George V Ave.

As Calala grows, an alternative road to the city centre will be justified. Where it goes and who will pay the bill will be a decision for the future.

In the meantime, the developer can get on with creating the estate.

Those worrying about the future should adopt a watching brief until there is a concrete proposal for consideration.


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