Please, some good   news before the bad

WE ARE rapidly approaching the season of goodwill. 

It was heartening and refreshing to see some good news on the front page of The Leader.

In the paper (December 10) there were two heart-warming stories, among others. 

A great story about a little girl, Kate, who has done so well at school despite her disability.

The one about the dog being adopted through the efforts of the RSPCA and Pet Barn was great, too.

Could you please continue to put these positive stories on the front page?

We are sickened by stories about stolen cars, drugs, violence and malicious damage by hoodlums. 

Don’t give these scumbags space or exposure on the prime spots of our local paper. They must love having their exploits publicised. 

If only you knew how many people look forward to reading The Leader every day. 

People in retirement units, hospitals and nursing homes. Please give us something cheerful and positive on the front page. 

Relegate reports of horrific crime to the back pages. Most of us are well aware of the rising rates of crime in our city. 

We love our local paper and look forward to continued good reporting of good news in the future.