12.12.12: Dozen digits in synch for Zac

The twelfth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth year has a superstitious significance for many – but it’s a super special one for Zac McDouall of Barraba, too.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime date, the triplicate proving popular for weddings, celebrations and deemed “lucky” by many around the world.

But to Barraba boy Zac, who turns 12 today, it’s simply the best day because it’s his birthday.

Mum Lisa McDouall said he was pretty excited about the day and had informed her that “it only happens every once in 100 years!”

A date to boast about when you’re 12, but made even better when you’ve got a pool party and a big chocolate cake to look forward to, proudly sponsored by mum.

Mrs McDouall said the day didn’t hold much other meaning for her, saying it was special purely because it was Zac’s birthday.

“His brothers and sisters are ribbing him about it, but he thinks it’s pretty cool.”

The date is also set to become the anniversary for many couples as fiances across NSW choose to make it their wedding day with mass weddings planned for Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong. 

The Leader spoke to a number of civil celebrants across the region and found one Tamworth couple had also chosen the date of destiny.

Michael McMullen and Kathryn Jones will jointhe many tying the knot today, the pair are quite sure about how long they’ve been engaged  because it was around about this time last year on the 11th of the 11th month, 2011.

“I have a lousy head for dates, I’m hoping this will make me remember both my anniversaries,” Mr McMullen joked.

The couple have planned a quiet garden wedding with family and friends at Anzac Park today, but they said their guests were far more concerned about the day than the date.

“Most of them said ... why on a Wednesday?” the Tamworth auto-electrician said.

Contrary to popular belief, the pair said they conducted their own research on the date and found it to not be not as lucky as some might think.

“We looked it up and saw the date wasn’t recommended for weddings. But we thought ‘bugger the stars, horoscopes aren’t always right’,” Mr McMullen said.

“It seemed like a good day to get married.”

Tamworth civil celebrant Carrie Frith said she believed the date would be more popular with couples tying the knot if it fell on a weekend.

“Traditionally Saturday is a lot more popular. Not many people choose a mid-week day for a wedding,” she said.

Mrs Frith said she remembered in 2010 when the 10th day of the 10th month fell on a weekend, she was in hot demand for her celebrant skills.

But it’s not just weddings and birthdays for little boys being celebrated today, the date also is open to those who believe in a more cosmic destiny.

Tamworth clairvoyant and medium Mandy Cole said although to many the day would be one just like any other, those who believe in the spiritual would consider it an auspicious day.

“No matter what your belief system, it’s a very unique day and its significance will resonate with a lot of people,” she said.

“Those who are open to it believe the day signifies new beginnings and brings alignment to people’s lives.”

Ms Cole said she is holding a special meditation session to mark the day at her Bridge St business, but the “full” sign will be hanging on the door with the session fully booked weeks ago.

Maybe more Tamworth residents are more spiritual than they let on.

But whatever your beliefs or birthday, it’s highly unlikely you’ll see another date in triplicate in your lifetime. 

The next one falls on 01.01.3001 – just another 989 years away.

EXCITED: Barraba birthday boy Zac McDouall celebrates his 12th birthday today – 12.12.12. He’s pictured here with his friends Riley Bomford and brother Josh.  Photo: Barry Smith  111212BSA02

EXCITED: Barraba birthday boy Zac McDouall celebrates his 12th birthday today – 12.12.12. He’s pictured here with his friends Riley Bomford and brother Josh. Photo: Barry Smith 111212BSA02


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