‘Advertising’ drugs is neither needed nor appreciated 

Congratulations to the police; they are fantastic. Thank you on behalf of thousands of parents in the North West of NSW.

I refer to the front page story of The Northern Daily Leader on Thursday, December 6 – Cannabis swoop at Bundarra.

As for the additional article regarding legal artificial cannabis and who is buying this drug, and where to get it, and who recommends it, I say this was just a wonderful free advertisement for the business which has it on its shelves. I am sure that it will help them make a lot of money.

However, from my point of view, the printing of such an article is a disgrace to your newspaper and a disservice to our community. I say this on behalf of hundreds of parents who have sons and daughters who are going through that stage in their life of experimentation. 

Also for those with mental health issues who are getting treatment in institutions, rehab clinics, jails, mental health facilities such as Banksia, and particularly including those people that now have permanent mental disorders as a direct result of cannabis usage.

I say on behalf of them we could do without any publicity that will help this drug continue to be used and promoted.

The Western Australian government has outlawed the use of artificial cannabis and it is a pity that our state government doesn’t get its act together and follow suit. Surely, if cannabis was not harmful, Western Australia would not have taken such decisive action.

We have been told by our state government that mental health in NSW is at a crisis point in many areas, knowing at the same time that drug use is the instigator for the majority of patients, particularly cannabis.

I also remind you that 50 to 60 per cent of our crime is drug-related. 

We are going down a road to nowhere unless we, as a community, pull together to stop drug use and in doing so, protect our youth and halve our crime rate.


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