Lions float idea for super Saturdays at Scully

WEST Lions are hoping to play “Super Saturdays” at Scully Park when the new Group 4 Rugby League season starts after telling the ruling body it was unlikely to have a second grade side in 2013.

The Lions have experienced dwindling numbers for its second senior side in recent years and first grade coach Tony La Chiusa said the club was preparing to lose as many as 10 players from this year’s second grade squad to second division clubs in 2013.

Lack of referees has also been another concern, La Chiusa told The Leader this week.

La Chiusa said local Tamworth and District Minor League junior  games could be programmed to fit in with the Lions Under 16 and 18 games and maybe even Group 4 Second Division games as well.

“We’ve had a dwindling number of refs over the last few years,”  La Chiusa said.

“And we’re not having a reserve grade side next year. 

“We just can’t compete with the Second Division clubs for them and have had dwindling player numbers for a while now.

“You can’t blame the players either. They have to travel to Moree and Wee Waa and a lot of the time they’ve been getting forfeits whereas in the Second Division they get a game every week and the furthest they travel is Barraba. 

“That’s why it’s a battle to keep players. 

“And we’ve already had 10 of this year’s second grade side indicate they will be playing Second Division next year.

“We’ve already told Group 4 this and have been working in with the Group and  Mick Schmiedel (G4 secretary) in particular to come up with this Super Saturday idea.

“We might have as many as five games from Minor League, starting with the little Mini and Mod kids, running through to playing before our Under 16 and 18 sides.

“We’ve also been talking to Second Division clubs about them playing at Scully as well.

“We’ve been talking to Quirindi, who seem keen to play.”

With the shortage of refs, it makes sense to play at a central location and there is none better than Scully Park.

“We could end up with as many as 10 games and finish under lights with the first grade game,” La Chiusa said.

“With the shortage of refs it would  help them. 

“They cannot be everywhere with everyone wanting to play Saturdays.

“We’ve had a number of meetings with Mick and Group 4 and they have sanctioned it as a good idea.

“Now it’s up to us to get it going.”