Bring on Josh, he needs game time

IMAGINE the look on the faces of the Hamilton-Wickham players on Sunday if they arrived at their Newcastle ground to find a Tamworth side warming up with Josh Hazlewood. Josh, who played for Tamworth in an SCG Country Cup Final as a teenager a few years back would certainly create a stir with the locals who would protest how could the current Australian 12th man be able to play. A few years ago Stockton drafted English seamer Graeme Onions into their team to play Tamworth in the SCG Country Cup Final. It didn’t do them any good and the Tamworth supporters certainly gave Onions plenty to consider at that game and then again in Leeds when the Aussies beat Onions and his England side in three days at the infamous Dougie and the Penguins Test (see down lower). Now maybe Josh should be allowed to play as he hasn’t played since he played for NSW in Brisbane in a Shield match last month and was then asked to join the Aussie squad. He needs game time and overs under his belt. He should have played in Perth and what the Aussie selectors and Michael Clarke were thinking when they played John Hastings and his half rat power pie is beyond me. And what of Peter Siddle. Bowled his heart out in Adelaide on a flat track and they say he’s unfit to play in Perth on a track he’d die to play on. Obviously too scared of breaking them all down but that’s the problem, they need to bowl overs to get match fit. I know what former Tamworth quick John Sullivan, the former Country Cricket NSW executive officer would say about that. He was famous for his long spells on and off the field. And if he was still CCNSW CEO he would surely not let the current debacle of disallowing Tamworth’s young stars such as Nick Pearson, Angus McNeil and Hamish Batley play in the Country Cup. Silliest thing I’ve heard of and probably backfired on Wallsend when Tamworth had to send out an SOS to the likes of Mitch Holt, James Psarakis and Greg Kellett to fill in in their third round Country Cup clash. Can Tamworth pull off another stirring win on Sunday in Newcastle? Would be terrific if they could and even more delicious to see Josh turn up early in his whites just to give the Hamwicks a few heart palpitations. Now being the good Newcastle boys they are you would hope they would say bring him on, we want to bat against the best. Unfortunately they won’t get that from Josh or the young stars like Nick, Angus and Hamish. Country Cricket NSW should hang its head in shame and go and sit in the corner with the Aussie selectors and work out how not to be dopey dunces.

FAREWELL Dougie Selems.

The big Bective Bull, who appears to be getting bigger every moment, is off to Mudgee to terrorise the locals with some frolics through the local cricket grounds and vineyards. 

Dougie, a former Tamworth District Cricket Association secretary, started work at the local Mudgee council on Monday and was busily farewelling all and sundry at last Friday’s Tamworth T20.

“I’m looking forward to it Newlo,” the earnest young Mr Selems told me as he waited to bat for his Halpin Plumbing side.” They seem like a very professional outfit down there. I’ve already met the mayor and he seems to know what I’m like and what my antics are. He’s already got me in his cricket side.”

Obviously the local mayor has no idea of Dougie’s sublime antics and no knowledge of just how Dougie can kindle a marvellous celebration out of thin air. Take for instance his famous penguin mating dance with four or five furry English friends at the Test match in Leeds on the last Ashes Tour. Tamworth took a touring team over and I can vouch Dougie was an immediate hit  off the field with the Poms (oops, sorry Mick Adams – the new golfing star). The famous penguin mating dance outside the ground while we were all amassed on the team bus and ready to go takes some beating and is indelibly etched on my brain as well as someone’s video. Halpin Plumbing’s Matty Halpin could only laugh about that and be thankful Dougie will be back for the December 14 T20 final night. “Yeah, Dougie will take my spot,” Halpo harpooned. “I won’t be here I’m having both knees done.” Ouch. Good luck Matty.

MICHAEL Bradbery is putting Tamworth on the golfing map, sort of. The 46-year-old golfing superintendent was recently named the NSW Superintendent of the Year, which earned him a trip to San Diego in February! Born in Tamworth to Yvonne and Roy Bradbery, Michael went to school at the old CBC (McCarthy) and completed his golfing apprenticeship at the Tamworth Golf Club before heading to Royal Sydney Golf Club. After leaving Royal Sydney he was the superintendent at Wollongong and Long Reef courses before signing on at Manly Golf Club. He’s been the course superintendent at that club ever since and presided over $13.5million of renovations and improvements recently. He is now in the running for Australian Superintendent of the Year. His parents, Roy and Yvonne, are extremely proud of him and thankful to the TGC, especially Dick Howe, Ron Harrison and Leo Mihell for their help and advice in Michael’s early days as an apprentice 


GOLF must be getting pretty easy too. I did see that naturalised and former England rugby league captain, Michael Adams, won the individual hams event at Tamworth Golf Club last Saturday. We’ve always said he’s a ham for a bloke once rated Canterbury’s best ever rugby league import. Wonder if he’ll be teeing off at the TGC this Sunday when Garry McSweeney and his St Eds troupe run their annual golf day. That has a shotgun start at 12.30pm. There is no truth in the rumour Garry, recently awarded life membership of the NSW Schools Sports Association for his many years of excellent service, is going to use the new gnome putter to be drafted onto the international golfing scene to replace the broomstick putters being used at the moment. Ring the Tamworth Pro Shop for a possie in the St Eddies day. Sure to be fun and having the chance to whack a few white balls at Garry has a lot of appeal for some.

Roy and Yvonne Bradbery with son Michael after a recent graduation ceremony in  Sydney. Michael has been named NSW Golf Course Superintendent of the Year.

Roy and Yvonne Bradbery with son Michael after a recent graduation ceremony in Sydney. Michael has been named NSW Golf Course Superintendent of the Year.