The making of a community

The Tamworth community, not just Tamworth Regional Council, needs to embrace the NOW  initiative which is to breathe new life into Coledale.

A key component of this project is working together – that’s the W in NOW.

Government and community organisations have come together to not only develop the Coledale 

Revitalisation Strategy and Coledale Action Plan, but to drive the project and engage with the community about its contents.

That collaborative approach is critical to achieving the long-term goals.

Today, the community can get a look at the plan with its details being on display at the Coledale fun day.

While the project so far has involved the Coledale community, the positive changes which are in store for the suburb need to be understood by the rest of the community.

After all, the Australian government has invested $10.68 million in the project which will address some of the big issues in the area.

It is designed to improve opportunities (that’s the O in NOW) for young people, not only in Coledale but across Tamworth. It is also about home ownership, which in itself creates pride and a sense of belonging.

The N is for neighbourhood, and this includes the infrastructure components of the project which are designed to open up the area and to provide more amenities such as street lighting.

NOW is not a short-term fix and people should not expect instant results when the money has been spent. A key element of the youth aspect of the project is assisting with positive generational change.

It will take time to see results, but it is in the entire community’s interest that positive outcomes are achieved. This will deliver long-term benefits to all the city and its people, irrespective of where they live.

Those engaged so far and who will carry the responsibility of driving the project forward deserve congratulations.

The community can help by understanding what is being done and to support the initiative with a positive outlook.


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