Daily horoscopes: Monday, November 3

Read Astrologer Alison Moroney's daily stars.
Read Astrologer Alison Moroney's daily stars.

ARIES:  You’re emotionally excitable for a few hours during the next twenty-four.  A mood seems to come over you where you want to try something different, and it should be lots of fun!

TAURUS:  Whilst Taurus may be unsettled for a few hours on Monday evening, you’ll find the break in routines quite refreshing.  New thoughts on handling problematic matters emerge.

GEMINI:  An unanticipated social invitation comes your way during Monday evening, injecting a wonderful feeling of vibrancy into your life.  You are likely to encounter a little luck on your way.  

CANCER:  Cancerians are restless about their career prospects or where they are headed with their lives: some aspects are unsatisfactory.  Helpful insights into these matters are illuminating on Monday evening.

LEO:  You seem to connect well with innovative concepts on Monday evening, finding them stimulating.  It only takes a moment to grasp ideas, making this a great time for educational interests.

VIRGO:  Someone else’s loss could be your gain during Monday evening, but you need to make sure than everything is legitimate.  Be careful with speculative interests.

LIBRA:  A charismatic individual enthrals you on Monday evening, stimulating romance.  It’s likely that you’ll interact with this person through a common objective or shared social activity.

SCORPIO: You’ll enjoy the variety that work activities bring during Monday evening, allowing you more independence and the chance to demonstrate your initiative.

SAGITTARIUS:  There’s a sparkle to life on Monday evening as your soul soars to new heights:  a romance, one of your children, or opportunity to indulge in a favourite past time proves to be exciting.

CAPRICORN:  The routine around your home will be interesting and varied on Monday evening.  A quick opportunity to make some money also seems to manifest itself then.

AQUARIUS:  You’ll vary your routine or have it varied for you on Monday evening, injecting a dash of excitement into your life.  Perhaps an unexpected contact will leave you delighted!

PISCES:  Financial opportunities come and go these days, with the opportunity to earn extra cash presenting itself on Monday evening. You’ll feel excited by this turn of events.

LUCKY NUMBERS: Aries: 1, 3, 4, 9; Taurus: 5, 8; Gemini: 6, 7; Cancer: 3, 4, 7, 9; Leo: 1, 3, 4, 9; Virgo: 6, 8; Libra: 5, 7; Scorpio: 2, 3, 7, 9; Sagittarius: 1, 3, 4, 9; Capricorn: 5, 6; Aquarius: 5, 6; Pisces:  2, 4, 7.