Repeal of carbon tax will be our first move 

I NOTE that Tony Windsor is undertaking a series of town hall style meetings within the electorate of New England over the coming weeks.

At the recent Armidale meeting Tony Windsor said a future federal Coalition government would keep an emissions trading scheme.

This statement is completely wrong and Mr Windsor should stop making false claims.

Repealing the carbon tax will ease cost of living pressures on families, help small business and restore confidence to the economy. That’s why, as soon as an election is called, the Coalition will take immediate and concrete steps to repeal the carbon tax.

The first piece of legislation to be debated in the Parliament if the Coalition is elected will be the repeal of the carbon tax. 

I expect that the Parliament will respect the mandate of the people. To oppose the mandate of a government elected on a platform of abolishing the carbon tax would be as reprehensible as the Gillard government’s action to introduce a carbon tax without a mandate from the people.

The people of Northern NSW did not vote for a carbon tax. But the carbon tax passed is as much Tony Windsor’s tax as it is Julia Gillard’s tax, because his vote in the Parliament helped to deliver it. 

By repealing the carbon tax the Coalition will reduce electricity prices for the people of New England – that will help families and small businesses get ahead.