The interests of others are not important to council

IN THE late 1970s to allow a subdivision of two blocks I was required to extend to our blocks sewer main approximately 300 metres. To allow for further subdivision that didn’t eventuate until the early 2000s it was a requirement to continue the sewer main to our boundary and at a depth of three metres.

Council at that time never offered, or even suggested any financial assistance. This main which now services about 30 dwellings, reverted to council ownership on completion.

Fast forward to 2009/2012. The council has awarded two developers many thousands of dollars because the system they supplied was larger than required for current subdivision; whilst this is possibly justified it is at odds with the situation in the late ’70s.

In this time frame council extended sewer mains to the boundary of a large poultry complex, presumably at the ratepayer’s expense, with the complex owners then extending it to their facility.

When inquiring of the  the council whether it would be possible to connect to this main they advised that as the depth was not great enough it was not feasible to connect to this service even if we should have permission from the poultry complex owners.

Council has also conceded that its own main to the boundary is also not deep enough for connection, which could have included four other properties at this stage.

This is again at odds with the original situation where now the interests of others seem not important.

Council was made well aware of my concerns in a letter dated February 2012, and as yet hasn’t replied to either agree or disagree with my concerns.


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