Time to bring in the dogs

It really is an open and shut case. The Attorney-General Greg Smith does not need to waste any more of his precious time determining if Tamworth would be well served if it had a police drug squad and dog unit on its doorstep.

All he needs to do is cross the hall and speak with the NSW Police Minister, Michael Gallacher, to get the ball rolling.

After all, there is already plenty of work waiting here for both units.

The need has already been proven. Two years on since crime statistics increased to unacceptable levels, it is time to put the bite on the crooks who are ruining our city’s reputation and tarnishing our treasured way of life.

We encourage the Attorney-General to move beyond “seriously look at” to “how soon can they start” in the interests of our community’s wellbeing.

With a police detective advocating last week that a dog was a good investment in the fight against crime, a dog unit, like the one already in Armidale, would be a jackpot for Tamworth. 

While domestic dogs act as an early warning system and are a deterrent to the criminal element breaking into houses and businesses, a police dog unit helps detect and catch the crooks.

The canine officers’ presence in hot spots is a potent warning.

Fugitive Malcolm Naden found that out when Chuck latched onto his leg when the state’s most wanted man was found and apprehended in March this year.

And with drugs expected to be part of the reason behind the break-in and theft epidemic, having the resources to work on that problem would be a welcome addition to police resources.

Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson says the Attorney-General is “under no illusions as to what our community is feeling at the moment and the challenges it is going through in relation to crime”.

Mr Smith has no doubt got the message and now it is up to him to offer more than $50,000 in grant money so police can round up the crims and have the judicial system dish out appropriate punishment.


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