Just discrimination against the truckies

I WRITE in response to the editorial in The Northern Daily Leader on November 21 titled “Five decisions for safer roads”.

As a truck driver I say to the writer: What about the cars that can and nearly always do anything to get past a truck? Where are the speed cameras to detect them? Just a little bit of discrimination against the transport industry do you think?

The transport sector is the most expensive and outrageously discriminated against user of our roads. 

I say again where are the cameras for cars? Why don’t car drivers who cover long distances have log books to complete and have to comply with fatigue management rules? Why don’t they have to pay the fines we do just for making a spelling mistake in our log books?

And one last point: to everybody that buys anything at any time – if it was not for trucks and transport, how would it get to the consumer? 

Think about it!




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