The judicial system is the weak link in the chain

THE editorial of last Saturday’s The Northern Daily Leader posed the question in regards to law and order issues: Is Tamworth any better off than 12 months ago?

I would answer with a resounding “No!”

At the public meeting with cabinet recently, due to time constraints I was unable to ask the Attorney-General what progress is being made to address the matters raised at the law and order meeting he attended at the TRECC recently.

Unfortunately, I think he missed the point of the whole evening which was to inform him that while we have a strong, vibrant community and  a concerned police force, it is the judicial system that is letting us down. It is the weak link in the chain.

Many good people have worked long and hard for this community. They have given their time, effort and money because they believe in this city and our way of life.

We should be able to feel safe and free in our own homes and on the street.

Mr Smith kept telling us what we should do and devolved the responsibility to us.

I return it to him and his government for action expeditiously.

Following cabinet’s visit I have been extremely disappointed that there has been few comments from the mayor and our local member on this matter.

The people need their unconditional and unrelenting support in dealing with this serious problem of law and order in this city.

There is a synergy between the Attorney-General and Community Services departments which, if they worked together, could produce more acceptable outcomes to what now exists. 

The wheel is obviously broken and needs to be fixed!

For decades I have maintained that the carrot is better than the stick. Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that we most definitely need both urgently.


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