Black Ops II release plagued by glitches

Plagued by glitches ... <em>Call of Duty Black Ops II</em>.
Plagued by glitches ... Call of Duty Black Ops II.

One of the most anticipated online games of year has been plagued with technical glitches in its first week.

Users of the Activision game Call of Duty: Black Ops II — which recorded a $500 million worldwide sale on its first day — have reported experiencing invalid logins, freezing and connectivity issues.

Online forums based in Australia and the United States have been flooded with complaints about the game since it was released last Tuesday.

Some users have been unable to log onto the two online modules Nuketown Zombies and Nuketown 2025, while others have reported their computer freezing every three or four games played.

Finn Coles, 13 from North Sydney said he was left frustrated when he couldn't log onto the two online modules of the game for a week after pre-ordering the game online.

"The code kept saying it was invalid and it had already been in use," Finn said, who has been saving to buy the $109 game for three months.

Finn's father, Ben Coles said he rang the Activision customer service line only to be told he was the 108th person in the queue and should expect to wait 60-80 minutes.

The war-simulation-shooting series game made $500 million in retail sales on its first day of sales, eclipsing their previous record of $400 million as set by Modern Warfare 3 last year.

Rosie Binns from EB Games in George Street, Sydney, said several customers had complained about the game, but it was not unusual for worldwide releases to have "glitches". When you have so many people trying to play the same game online, there will always be issues, she said.

"The game was launched yesterday and now, it's impossible to play! I bought this around 60€ and for what? Nothing," wrote Titier7 on the Activision Community. "A hardcore gamer disappointed".

"90% of us have errors while finding servers," wrote iFlame. "PLEASE WE NEED A PATCH FOR THIS".

Fairfax Media is waiting on a response from Activision.

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