William and Kate, King and Queen of hearts

Kate and Wills are giving the Windsors a superb PR push, while William is now the most popular royal.
Kate and Wills are giving the Windsors a superb PR push, while William is now the most popular royal.

It may come as no surprise to some younger monarchists - or, indeed, those who love a fairytale romance.

But, it's official. William Windsor is the United Kingdom's most popular royal, pipping the post to even Queen Elizabeth II, who has this year enjoyed month after month of Jubilee-themed celebrations.

King's College London/Ipsos MORI's newest popularity poll found that 62 per cent of respondents named William, second-in-line to the crown, as their favourite Windsor. The Queen was in number two spot, followed by the crown's cheekiest chap, Prince Harry.

Beating all other royals to number fourth spot is the baby of the bunch, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge who has made an indomitable impact on the family name since joining its flanks just 19 months ago.

With general support for the monarchy higher than it has been for years - 60 per cent believe the crown will still be going strong in half a century's time - the report, published in the London Evening Standard, has quantified the charm offensive we've seen from the royals since 2011's Royal Wedding.

From there, it was full steam ahead with the newlyweds' North American tour, then Jubilee year festivities, the Olympics and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's recent Asia and South Pacific tour.

It's been a heady, and ferociously successful, whirlwind for the duo, withstanding even the best attempts by a telephoto lens-wielding hack in France to put a downer on proceedings.

Ipsos MORI director and professor of public opinion at King's College, Roger Mortimer, told the Standard that many may like to see the crown bypassing next-in-line, the Prince of Wales, who gained just 21 per cent of votes despite the positivity from his recent Australia tour with wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

"A lot of people would like the idea of William succeeding straight away. He is young and good looking and popular" said Mortimer.

"I think young people can see something of themselves in William and (wife) Kate. They can see the monarchy looking more modern than it did beforehand."

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