Is Windsor’s GST increase ‘Plan B’?

ACCORDING to an article in the Financial Review (15/11/12) by Gemma Daley, Tony Windsor is reported as stating he wants an inquiry into broadening the base of the GST to include food, healthcare education and other current exclusions. Heaven help pensioners and other low income earners. No compensation is mentioned. 

Mr Windsor has every right to be concerned considering his $1.9 billion agreement with Julia Gillard for regional infrastructure was to be funded from the mining tax. As this cupboard is empty, is the increased GST Plan B ? If not is the agreement to be dishonoured similarly to the agreement with Andrew Wilkie? 

Best of luck Tony! 

I was a resident of Tamworth for 60 years and recall Mr Windsor referring to the previous governments regional policy as the “National Party Regional Rorts” scheme. This scheme funded the TREC.