Government lunacy to cut school cleaning hours

This item states that “cleaning hours at 36 northern region public primary and high schools could be cut over the next four years as part of ongoing state government savings” and according to the trade union (United Voice NSW branch) would be “a threat to the health and safety of the state’s school children”.

If the union is correct, this must not be allowed to happen.

I strongly urge that our state politicians, Kevin Anderson and Richard Torbay, state their position on this proposal.

Also, in the event that children suffer because the government’s action does adversely affect their health and safety, please provide us with the following information:

* What legal action can we take to sue the (state) government for negligence?  and

* What legal action can we take for compensation?

If there is no legal remedy for such irresponsible decisions, what action are they prepared to take on our behalf to introduce laws that will protect our children from this kind of alleged stupidity by our government?

Ironically, if the article’s claims (about failure to protect our children with safe standards of health and hygiene through effective cleaning services in all our schools) are true and parents are able to sue the government for negligence, it will be we, the citizens, who will be providing the funds needed to compensate victims. How ridiculous would that be?

It seems to me that this may be some kind of lunacy by our government which has not been given proper consideration.

If (existing) services are essential for the health and safety of our children then it is lunacy to remove or diminish them. The flow-on problems surely must have the potential to make things far worse.

Over to you Kevin and Richard! What do you say? Are you for us or are you for the government?


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