Barraba doesn’t need wireless NBN

I AM what is referred to as a “local” in Barraba. 

I never thought I would live to see Barraba obtain a secure water supply, but thanks to Tony Windsor being successful with obtaining federal funding, we are getting the pipeline from Split Rock Dam. 

Mr Windsor, I also think the NBN is a great step forward for Australia. Why is it Barraba will have wireless- based NBN? I thought we had more than 1000 homes within Barraba. With a secure water supply, I believe wholeheartedly that Barraba will prosper in the future. 

I hate the thought that my home town may be bypassed by home buyers because we have some gigantic wireless base station antennas emitting radiation into our environment. 

How does anyone know that these antennas won’t be contributing to climate change? Why is it Barraba won’t get optical fibre internet as is the case for Manilla and Bingara?  

Will Barraba go down the same path as what I have read about Hobart? All other internet services will be shut down in Hobart to force people onto the NBN. Yet again rural people forced to dispose of their current devices as has been the case with mobile phones in the past.

Why is it we in rural areas cop the brunt of all these decisions? We are not made of money. 

Mr Windsor.  How about for once, we in Barraba, have the same opportunities as the towns we are surrounded by and give us optical fibre internet and no wireless base stations for Barraba?