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About Uber
UBER is a revolutionising the way people move around their cities. UBER operates in over 300 cities across the globe, bringing more choice for Riders and flexible opportunities for Driver Partners. UBER aims to make cities more accessible by creating safe, convenient transport alternatives for all.

We’re thrilled that the ACT Government announced today that it is embracing ridesharing and welcoming uberX to the capital. Sensible, safety-based ridesharing regulations will be in place for the ACT from the end of October, leading the way for permanent legislation in the coming months.

Canberra will become the first capital city in the world to introduce specific ridesharing regulations before Uber’s entry into the market, leading the way for other State and Territory Governments to follow suit and open up choice and opportunity for all Australians

Chief Minister Barr and the ACT Government have shown true leadership in their progressive approach to bringing a safe, affordable and reliable point-to-point transport alternative to Canberra through their transparent review process and open and constructive dialogue.

The ACT Government has not only answered the demands from thousands of Canberrans for economic opportunities and more reliable and affordable transport, but, through their decision, they have also recognised the rights of all Australians to choose how they move around their cities.

We applaud their global leadership in embracing ridesharing and look forward to getting on the road in the nation’s capital!

Uber On Canberra!