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About Uber
UBER is a revolutionising the way people move around their cities. UBER operates in over 300 cities across the globe, bringing more choice for Riders and flexible opportunities for Driver Partners. UBER aims to make cities more accessible by creating safe, convenient transport alternatives for all.

Make great money with your own car in many cities, Uber guarantees minimum earnings during the peak hours, so check with your local team once you apply.

Uber partners are so busy that many are making between $30-40per hour in fares for whatever hours they drive, be it 1 hour or 40. The best uberX partners make best use of the busy times and areas of their cities to earn up to $2500 per week!

Be your own boss and work the hours that you want as an independent contractor with Uber, you've got the freedom and flexibility to set your own schedule. Drive as much as you want: full time, part time or casual. And, whenever you want: weekdays or weekends; day or night.

Choose when you drive, where you go, and who you pick up. How much you earn is up to you. Build your own business with the support of a global company.

Uber's first priority is the success of its partners. So Uber is working hard to provide you with a growing network of riders and tools that help you get more out of your time on the road. But you can also take action.

Partners that provide great service, earn higher rider ratings and win jobs more easily. Go the extra mile to earn more!