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    THE ICONIC is a Sydney-based Australian, online fashion retailer. The company was launched in 2011 under ecommerce incubator Rocket Internet, and is one of Australia’s largest online fashion retailers, creating a growing home-based fashion community. Since its launch date, the brand has become an Australian online fashion retailer which stocks around 500 brands

    Anna Lee- Chief Financial Officer for THE ICONIC


    I’m an early riser and I like to make my mornings count, so a good day starts with an outdoor training session, typically cardio or boxing to jump start my energy for the busy day ahead. Then I’ll quickly scoff down breakfast – these days it’s yoghurt with some fruit, seeds and muesli to pack in my protein. While I’m eating, I mentally review the day ahead to plan my outfit – one of my favourite daily rituals. Truth be told, it’s all about the shoes – and I’ve been known to plan an entire look starting with what’s on my feet. One of the absolute best parts of being in my 30s is knowing exactly what styles work for me – I’m way less concerned with trends, and favour well-tailored items that just fit well. At the moment I’m loving Gianvito Rossi’s classic pumps – look in my closet and you’ll see pretty much every single colour.


    I predominantly use my time on the train to zip through emails that have come through overnight and do some light reading, but then it’s all about social media. I’m a bit of an Instagram junkie – it’s where I fuel my passion for both food and fashion, and I get my daily dose of inspiration for future dishes to try or outfits to emulate. When I get to my desk, I change into my heels then check in with my teams – the finance gurus and the HR department (as I also oversee our employee engagement initiatives). Mornings are always spent reviewing business performance against our targets, and I’ll usually aim to tackle any planning early on, too.


    I bring a salad for lunch every day, not only because it’s healthier (and my trainer insists), but because most days it’s unrealistic for me to get out. I try to use the little time I have at my desk to work on business plans or assess initiative proposals. That said, taking ‘micro breaks’ is important for staying energized during the day, so it’s not uncommon for me to take five minutes while eating to pore over what’s new on our site and to view any new categories and brand launches. I won’t lie, I pretty much know every item on it! Some of my colleagues joke that CFO must stand for ‘Chief Fashion Officer’ – I do love online shopping.


    I’m in back-to-back meetings most afternoons, usually with the other department heads to ensure all business priorities are aligned. Throughout my career, many people have asked me what it’s like to work predominantly alongside men in the C-suite – to be honest, it’s not something I think about very often. I’m very fortunate to have always been treated as an equal. I’m very proud to be female, but it doesn’t define who I am in the boardroom. I’ve always had exceptionally strong women around me – from my mother, to the teachers at school – telling me that I could be whatever I wanted to be.


    My train ride home is when I mentally shift out of the workday. I’ll catch up on personal emails and hunt around for any of the items on my shopping wish list – it’s a sport for me. When I get home it’s straight to the kitchen to cook dinner – my husband and I eat light and meat-free during the week. I enjoy TV shows like MasterChef or a good David Attenborough documentary, but these days we’re pretty obsessed with our month-old niece, and we like to duck over at night to see her as often as possible. If I have time, I like to end the day with a bath – a true indulgence before it all starts again the next day!