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Perfect placements. Speedy staffing. Tenacious testing. Who’s Adecco, we hear you ask? Only the top provider of first-class HR solutions. Our consultants work with some of the best, and most exciting, companies all over the world. We equip our clients with priceless industry insight and put everything we’ve got into training and mentoring our candidates.

We’re here to match talented people with the job opportunities and employers they’re looking for. On any given day we connect over 700,000 people with fulfilling opportunities that make the most of their skills now and enable them to develop new expertise for the future.

It took radio 38 years, television 13 years, the internet 4 years, and Facebook 3.5 each to reach 50 million households.

Fed by technology, the human race has become more adept at constant change – in fact, the one defining characteristic of business today is the relentless pace of change.

However, there’s a problem: the current trend in businesses to think and plan only for the short to medium term means that forecasting ahead 10 or 20 years is almost non-existent.

Yet it’s worth dusting off the crystal ball. If you believe the workplace has changed out of all recognition since 1997 thanks to the internet and subsequent digital boom, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Futurists predict that almost half of existing occupations will be redundant by 2025 as technological advancements transform how businesses

Another report indicates that 1 in 3 current workers believe that within 10 short years, we won’t have to go into the office any more.

The modern workplace will look “less like a traditional office and instead, embrace influences from our home lives and places where we relax and play, such as the local café”.

In addition, tomorrow’s workforce will communicate in different ways. As instantaneous and omnipresent communication channels take hold, employees will expect new ways to be rewarded and recognised, performance managed, and of course, managed.

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