Daylight saving - the debate that just own't go away

Daylight vs sleep  

Recently in "Beat the heat get some sleep" by Chris Bath: Dr Delwyn Bartlett SUGGESTS to drop your core body temp. We here on the coast, are sweltering also - as in the west.

I am in the country, 5mins by car distance to the ocean BUT cannot go outside (no do not have air conditioning), to water a few potted plants & veges until 6.40pm and later as the setting blaring western sun blasts away scorching everyone and everything!!

So even after a cool down from a shower, no difference with being able to sleep. Fans are on constantly, the only way to get some sort of sleep.

Why do I explain this ? - because with us suffering a late setting hot sun because of so called daylight saving worship, with the light & heat, melatonin that Dr Bartlett talks about, cannot get the sleep message to our bodyclock as still too light - and hot.

Ditch this ridiculous daylight saving time so we don't have to suffer this late setting western afternoon heat so late!

Jillian Spring