Amber encourages kids to live their dreams

Jessica Parsons, Kassidee Dawson, Bridget Maclean and Amber Lawrence.

Jessica Parsons, Kassidee Dawson, Bridget Maclean and Amber Lawrence.

Last week students, staff and parents of Hillvue School were given a free country music show.  In the hall there were no spare seats as we all assembled on the floor, on the chairs to listen to Amber Lawrence who had travelled up from Sydney to sing a few songs, involve the audience in toe tapping, hand clapping hip swinging genres, but most of all to share with her audience why she does what she’s doing.  Amber spoke about dreams and aspirations.  She spoke passionately,  encouraging the students to follow through on their dreams.  When people say you can’t do something, you become more determined to do it. 

When people pull the rug from underneath you, you get up and keep going.  When you have a meaningful and purpose driven desire you see it through.  Sometime along the way you’ll be stopped. Stumped! Exhausted! Lose focus. Want to throw it all in. And that’s where having a circle of friends is beneficial.  Your friends will help you. 

They will listen, guide and support you. Having dreams, visions, aspirations and mile stones is great, but if we don’t have people around us then our journey becomes a lonely one.  Our celebrations go unnoticed. And our knockbacks drive us away making us want to quit. If people don’t do want Amber Lawrence is talking about and that is to follow your dream, then we wouldn’t have country singers, we wouldn’t have teachers, builders, butchers, mechanics and ministers. 

Everyone has some inclination of what they want to do.  It might take a few career changes to get to the final destination but where there is a dream. Then there is hope.

Alan Jackson penned and sings the song - What I do.  The song being about his passion to stand in front of an audience and presenting to them a world of love, happiness, trouble, triumphs and tribulations.  Like Alan, Amber is doing what she wants to do. Amber wants to touch people’s lives. Inspire them to love, be creative, to search, to dance, sing and laugh.

Looking at the photo of Amber and her support crew, its not hard to see what some students want to do.  There were no second invitations to have these students sing with Amber……and they knew the words!

It’s always great to leave a concert feeling inspired.  Feel like you want to keep going.   It’s wonderful and exciting departing a performance chuffed and proud to be whom you are because a singer made it so.

So, what is it that you want to do?  Want to be? Can you have a career and a sideline? Is what you do make a positive difference to your family, friends and those you come in contact with?

At Hillvue School, the teachers make a difference to improving student outcomes, but the students make a difference to the teachers because of their eagerness to learn and do what Amber spoke about, to become someone.

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