Break-ins drop by half


BREAK-INS to Tamworth homes have dropped to a three-year low after a police blitz culminated in several arrests.

During the month of April there were 36 break-and-enters reported to police across the Oxley Command – 25 of those in the Tamworth area.

Oxley crime manager Inspector Phil O’Reilly said incident reports had dropped to its lowest level in Tamworth in three years.

“During the month of April we’ve had the lowest reported number of break-and-enters to dwellings since April 2011,” he said. 

“There were 25 incidents in Tamworth in April, that’s a reduction from 46 in March and 58 in February.

“We’ve more than halved the number of reported offences in two months.”

During April there were 15 reports of stealings from cars, which is also significantly down from December when 62 reports were taken.

Eight vehicles were stolen in the city during the same period – a 50 per cent drop since February.

Inspector O’Reilly said the positive results could be attributed to several factors.

“Proactive policing strategies, effective operation of the Tamworth Target Action Group, community assistance in reporting, home security and the detention of a number of suspects following their arrest for break, enter and steal offences,” he said.

Break-ins to businesses jumped during April but police said this week two young offenders have been charged with at least four offences each in the Tamworth CBD.

“I’m pleased that the work we’re doing with the community achieves reductions which allows us to focus our efforts into reducing other crimes,” Inspector O’Reilly said.

“A lot of crime I observe relates to the dependence on prohibited drugs and prescription medication use.”

Inspector O’Reilly conceded despite the number of significant arrests and police headway, there will always be reports of crime.

“It is common that young offenders are engaged in criminal activity and an example of that is the two young offenders charges with break-ins to businesses this week,” he said.

“I need to continue to ask the question of community members do they know where their children are and what they are doing at all times.”

Tamworth wasn’t the only area that saw a reduction in some crime rates with Gunnedah also recording drops in incidents of malicious damage.

Oxley police said there were 12 incidents in March and 14 in April, down from 35 and 39 respectively in September and October last year.

“The 12 malicious damage reports in March were the lowest number since May 2011,” Inspector O’Reilly said.

“In addition, only two cars were reported stolen in Gunnedah in April compared to seven in March.”

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