‘She does everything for me’, Strudwick's mother says

SHARON Strudwick’s mother has pleaded with a judge not to send her daughter to jail.

Norma Orr, 83, gave evidence in the sentencing hearing of her daughter yesterday, telling the court Strudwick was her fulltime carer.

“She virtually has to do everything for me,” she said.

“She has to watch that I don’t fall over.”

In a letter to Judge Colin Charteris, Mrs Orr said “it would break my heart and wreck my life” if her daughter was sent to jail.

Judge Charteris read out the letter, which detailed that Mrs Orr had no one else to care for her, and that her daughter was a “good” and “caring” woman.

“I know Constable Rixon’s father,” she said.

“I felt so sorry for what happened.”

Mrs Orr said her health had deteriorated in the past two years because of the events.

“The stress I have to face every day in relation to the tragic death of Constable David Rixon,” she said.

Judge Colin Charteris said in almost every case where someone was sent to prison, hardship was occasioned to others and that it “comes with the territory”.

He said exceptional circumstances of hardship needed to be proven because the community demanded appropriate partnership for those who committed serious offences.

The case continues today.

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