Man admitted having drugs

A MAN travelling around Australia has been slapped with a hefty fine after he was caught with drugs near Tamworth.

Elliot Hamilton Cleaver-Wilkinson fronted Tamworth Local Court after he was arrested and charged with possessing LSD and cannabis in his van.

The traveller told police he was passing through town on his way back to Perth after travelling the countryside. 

Cleaver-Wilkinson pleaded guilty to both offences when asked if he had been in possession of the drugs.

“I like to smoke cannabis. It’s more medicinal than recreational,” he told the court.

Cleaver-Wilkinson could not provide a reason for possessing the illegal substance but said it helped with his “mental health”.

“I believe there is an economic view why this drug is illegal,” he said.

The court heard the accused was unemployed with no income but was venturing back to Western Australia when he was pulled over by Oxley highway patrol officers.

Cleaver-Wilkinson made roadside admissions to possessing 25g of cannabis as well as cardboard squares of LSD. 

“A bit of a psychological adventure,” he told the court when asked why he used LSD.

“I think it’s quite good when you’re young.”

Magistrate Roger Prowse dismissed the reasons, telling Cleaver-Wilkinson the drugs were doing more harm than good.

He convicted and fined him $900 for possessing LSD and $300 for the cannabis.

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