Royal opportunity for the Coombeses

IT’S a right royal conundrum – what do you wear for a meeting with Will and Kate?

For Manilla couple Emma and Richard Coombes and their daughter Olivia, it’s a question they need an answer to fast.

The Coombeses will meet the royals at a place close to their heart tomorrow – Sydney children’s hospice Bear Cottage.

Their treasured little boy Patrick, who was struck down by an inoperable brain tumour, spent his final days at the hospice earlier this year.

As part of the royal visit, the Coombeses will be one of about a dozen families to meet Will, Kate and baby George as part of the royal tour.

Mrs Coombes said she was feeling a combination of excitement and nerves.

“It is really exciting, but I haven’t even worked out what I’m going to wear yet,” she said.

“I might just wing it and think about it on Friday morning.”

She also wasn’t sure what she would discuss with the royals, although she expected them to be down-to-earth. “They just seem so normal and real. We’re really looking forward to meeting them,” she said.

The Coombeses are one of six bereavement families afforded the opportunity to be part of the gathering.

“Bear Cottage is extremely dear to us, it’s an amazing place,” Mrs Coombes said.

“We wouldn’t have got through what we did without their support.”

As for what Patrick would have made of his family meeting the Windsors, she said he would be “super impressed”.

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