Former Tamworth author ‘predicts’ airline mystery

UPON reading the plot of former Tamworth man Frank Sutherland Davidson’s new book, you could be forgiven for thinking there are some eerie similarities to the mystery surrounding the tragic disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight 370.

The Coral Airlines Mystery is an action-packed, fast-paced, crime novel that takes place in the skies, which leapt into Mr Davidson’s mind days after a long flight to visit his wife’s family in Hungary more than 18 months ago.

Instead of looking for a book to read on the way home, Mr Davidson thought he could amuse himself by producing the kind of story he was looking for, and spending time in a foreign country was an ideal time to start, he said.

“Being stuck in an Hungarian household is a bit like living in the Tower of Babel, where you can’t understand a word,” he said. “This story really emerged from the fact that I had just had a long trip to Europe and the characters sort of popped up ... and then just through wanting to know what happens next I kept writing to find out.”

The former academic, who grew up on a property near Somerton and was educated at Tamworth High School and the University of New England, agreed the book was extremely topical.

The entertaining mystery revolves around 

happily-married couple Toby and Birdie Parkinson, who set out as passengers on the new airline from Sydney 

to London, but find themselves in a situation that turns mystifying and sinister.

There is something mysterious about their fellow passengers, and to top it all, the route is suddenly changed.

Following his retirement in 1993, the grandfather-of-five has added the role of playwright to his extensive resume, which has also included working as a university lecturer, teacher, actor, bartender, farmhand and travel agent.

Mr Davidson lives in Sydney and is married to Suzanne Musitz, founder of the Sydney Dance Company.

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