Knowing the signs to save-a-mate

PREVENTING drug and alcohol overdoses from occurring and knowing how to administer first aid if one unfolds was the message of Red Cross’s save-a-mate workshops  presented in Tamworth on Thursday and Friday.

Youth and service providers were taught about tolerance, different types of drugs, signs and symptoms of overdose, ways to reduce hazards that occur from using drugs and how to respond 

to heat related illness, panic attacks, psychosis, seizures and unconsciousness.

Joblink Plus community engagement and activities coordinator Paul Stevenson said as more people turned to drugs, including alcohol and prescription medication, it was crucial to educate young people about their use.

“We’re not condoning drug use and not judging them – it’s about giving them information so they can make an informed choice,” he said.

He cited the availability of drugs, coupled with experimentation, peer pressure and the break down of family units as reasons for the increase.

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