An extra hour during winter to do chores

IN REFERENCE to the letter yesterday: “Time to end daylight saving”, Jude Law does not put reasons within her letter as to why she wants daylight savings to be abolished. 

Personally, I would like to see an extra hour added during the winter months, so that those who live normal hours can actually do something constructive outside at home in the small amount of day ight left after 5.30pm. 

Unfortunately I just cannot see from their point of view and hence cannot fathom as to why people really dislike daylight savings during the summer months and want it taken away. 

It really is not that bad throughout NSW. 

Spare a thought for northern Queenslanders where it becomes daylight at 4.30am and dark by 5.00pm  in mid-summer with their “normal time”. 

Though, perhaps from Jude’s point of view, I need to move to the southern end of New Zealand during the summer period, where the sun sets at around 9pm local time every night and then I could easily get my outside after-work chores completed in a timely fashion.

David Maunder


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