Brutal attack on police officers

POLICE have labelled a brutal attack on two of their own as “disgraceful” as five people remain behind bars, charged over the ambush.

The two Glen Innes officers came under siege when they were allegedly set upon and overpowered by the violent group in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Glen Innes Inspector Gary Heward condemned the attack that put two officers in hospital.

“It’s a disgraceful act,” he told The Leader.

“A female officer sustained a number of punches to the head resulting in the closure of her eye.

“A male officer was kicked to the head a number of times resulting in head injuries including cuts, abrasions and bruises.”

Samuel Boney, 24, Brian Boney, 27, Kasandra , 27, and a 17-year-old boy who can’t be named, failed in their bid to be released on bail during an appearance in Armidale Local Court yesterday, while 22-year-old Judith Boney did not make an application. The five have been held in a police cell since they allegedly stormed a Taylor St home in Glen Innes shortly after 

midnight on Sunday and assaulted the occupants before they turned on police who were called to the scene.

Inspector Heward said a 17-year-old was arrested and put in a paddy wagon before they tried to arrest Samuel Boney.

“Police then attempted to execute the arrest of a second male who struggled violently with police, resulting in him and the officers falling to the ground,” he said.

“At least three other people allegedly assaulted, kicked and punched police while they were on the ground.”

Brian Boney is then accused of releasing the co-accused juvenile from the back of the van before he fled the scene.

“Police were outnumbered and retreated, they withdrew from the scene and reconvened at the police station,” Inspector Heward said.

Officers were called in from Tenterfield and Inverell to back up officers before they hunted down the men and women at a Glen Innes home about 3am.

After a violent struggle, four of the alleged offenders were arrested before Brian Boney presented himself to officers about six hours after.

All five are facing a string of charges including aggravated break-and-enter, affray, assault police, resist arrest, escape lawful custody, aid and abet escape lawful custody and malicious damage.

Inspector Heward said the offenders were facing serious charges that carry lengthy prison terms if convicted.

“We treat that as very serious offences, where the offenders have set upon police ... kicking and punching police,” he said. “Police were highly outnumbered.”

Police said the home invasion stems from a dispute between warring families in the Aboriginal community and two occupants were assaulted but they received only minor injuries.

All five will remain behind bars until the case returns to court in May.

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