Get linked with the ‘other side’ at Mitchell Coombes's show

MITCHELL Coombes sees dead people. He also sees plenty of sceptics.

As one of Australia’s leading psychic mediums, Mr Coombes is accustomed to claims his craft is more smoke and mirrors than facts and figures.

He said while his purported ability to speak to spirits sat outside the realm of science, his results were proof enough he had a rare gift.

“I can speak to a person who has passed away and reveal messages that only the person who’s having the reading could know,” Mr Coombes said.

“Death is an illusion, but it’s impossible to die. Your soul lives on.

“And because I’m a psychic medium, I can plug into upstairs and I can also plug into a person’s life who is in front of me.”

Mr Coombes, who will perform a one-off show at West Tamworth League Club on Saturday, claims to be from a long line of psychics and that he was aware from a young age he could see what most others could not.

He was reading tea leaves at six and giving tarot readings in the playground at 12.

“When I was three I remember often seeing green people at the end of my bed,” Mr Coombes said.

“I didn’t realise at the time, but I now know they were the spirits of people’s departed loved ones that came to me.”

As a five-year-old, Mr Coombes approached a visiting friend of his mum’s and inquired: “Do you know you have a baby growing inside you?”

Three weeks later, the woman called his mother announcing her pregnancy.

He said his group sessions, conducted in a similar fashion to renowned psychic medium John Edward, had benefits for the living world and beyond.

“They can bring comfort, closure and healing to loved ones, but they also help on the other side,” he said.

“Often someone that has departed can have tremendous guilt.”

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