Scientist seeks halt to construction

A CANBERRA geophysicist became the latest protester to be arrested opposing the Maules Creek coalmine after locking himself to a drill rig yesterday.

Glen Torr spent several hours chained by the neck to the equipment in an attempt to halt work at the site before being cut free by security and arrested.

The 62-year-old was transported from the Leard State Forest to Narrabri Police Station and charged with offences including trespassing and hindering a working mine.

Mr Torr is calling on federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt to revoke the controversial mine’s approval and order Whitehaven Coal to cease construction.

He said the company should not be allowed to proceed with the mine’s construction while it was the subject of criminal investigation into its offset strategy.

“My background means I understand the impacts of climate change,” he said. 

“I am worried that my grand- niece and nephews will suffer the full effects because of our current shortsightedness.

“This unique habitat needs to be treasured. When you see the sulphur-crested cockatoos (and) the beauty of the landscape, you wonder how Whitehaven could want to turn this irreplaceable habitat into a barren wasteland.”

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