Couples triple treat sustained by love

TAMWORTH’S Julie and Amos Fenn were as excited as any young couple about the birth of their first child – and then one turned into three.

It’s been something of a roller coaster ride ever since, with triple the fun, love, adventure and challenges of just one – and the Fenns wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Next week is Multiple Birth Awareness Week – March 9 to 16 – with the theme “You’re not alone”, something the couple have been grateful for from day one.

Parents, siblings and friends have all dug in to help the family when even two pairs of hands is sometimes not enough.

The week is organised by the Australian Multiple Birth Association, which is trying to start up another group in the area after a local club folded a few years ago. 

Mrs Fenn, who’s joined several online groups and has recently started taking the boys to a local play group, said support groups like these were invaluable for new parents of multiples.

“It’s such a great way to get advice on what they’ve found helpful and what’s helped get them through – to know you will survive it,” she said.

The date March 9, 2012, is a date the Fenns will never forget – when Julie went for an ultrasound and found out she was carrying triplets.

Initially told twins – “while that’s a shock it’s something you can still process” – the technician then broke the news to the couple – there was one more.

Overwhelmed, Julie burst into tears and the next few months were spent trying to get their heads around just what it was going to mean.

Financially, it’s an impost, with everything required in threes – they use cloth nappies as opposed to pricey disposeables – and suddenly their new three-bedroom home seemed a lot smaller. 

But Mr Fenn said in the early stages they resisted the urge to read too much about what was in store for them and decided they would just take things one day at a time.

“Being first-time parents was good I think because we had nothing to compare (the experience) to,” he said.

“And we just had the attitude that we’d go with it and whatever happens, happens.”

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