The one that didn’t get away

The biggest fish he’d ever caught was a cod at St George about 20 years ago, but Michael Peters’ best ever fishing story came with a marathon effort shared with his sons and grandson.

The retired Tamworth boilermaker actually achieved his ultimate fantasy for a fisherman when the Peters male clan hooked and landed a striped marlin that weighed in at just under 83 kilos.

It was a monster effort too – the four blokes fought for 45 minutes to land the marlin, with Peter, sons Shane and Wesley, and Wesley’s son River, all taking a turn on the line.

Michael Peters has described it as the catch of a lifetime.

It was Michael’s first deep sea fishing trip and they went out 38km off the shores of Shellharbour, on the south coast, last week.

“I organised the day with my sons and grandson,” the Erwin St, South Tamworth, resident said.

“I’d only ever gone out on a small boat no more than 200 metres off the shore before.

“We caught about 30 dolphin fish, those maui maui fish, and then we decided to test our luck with some lures behind the boat. 

“After two hours we had a strike and for the next 45 minutes we worked to land the catch of a lifetime.

“It took all that time and we all had a go. Our arms nearly fell off. It’s the biggest fish I’ve ever caught but the best part was that I shared it with my sons and grandson.”

The marlin was cut up, and Michael had to go out and buy a new freezer to fit it in.

More at home fishing the calmer waters of Keepit Dam, Michael’s last big catch was a 

60-pounder cod but this one takes the cake, even apart from the fact it’s nearly three times the size of the cod.

“And you know, I brought home the spear off the fish to show everyone just in case they wouldn’t believe it, and then I left it outside overnight – but some neighbourhood cat stole it,” he said.

“You wouldn’t credit it. Some damn cat’s knocked it off and I’ve been round the neighbours telling them if some bloody cat brings it home, can they bring it back to me.”

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