Fallen hero honoured in stone

SENIOR Constable David Rixon VA will never be forgotten with a memorial stone unveiled at Tamworth Police Station yesterday.

The police officer’s widow, Fiona Rixon, said knowing her husband wouldn’t be forgotten was the overwhelming feeling she had as she unveiled the sandstone memorial on the second anniversary of his death.

Senior Constable Rixon and Ms Rixon’s six children attended the ceremony, which was an understandably emotional and sombre affair.

Assistant Commissioner Geoff McKechnie recited the poem 

Remember Me as family, friends, colleagues and community members gathered to pay their respects to the fallen officer.

Senior Constable Rixon, a Tamworth Highway Patrol officer, was gunned down in West Tamworth, when a traffic stop went horribly wrong on March 2, 2012.

Assistant Commissioner McKechnie said Senior Constable Rixon’s family, friends and colleagues did not need a memorial to remember him, but this memorial was for the future.

He said future officers would look at the stone and think of Senior Constable Rixon and it would ensure that he was always thought of.

“He will never truly be gone,” he said. 

The memorial features a tall piece of light-coloured sandstone with a brass plaque featuring a photo of Senior Constable Rixon and the Oxley Highway Patrol car that carries the ‘Rixon’ licence plates and the words: “Whose life was tragically taken in the execution of his duty whilst protecting the community of Tamworth on 2 March 2012. Forever Remembered.” 

It is surrounded by a small garden at the front of the Tamworth Police Station.

Ms Rixon said she would maintain the memorial’s garden.

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