Workshop to put plans in motion

AN IDEA to beautify Tamworth’s neglected neighbourhood parks will be considered by council at a workshop later this month.

The workshop for Tamworth regional councillors and council staff will be held to canvass a number of matters, including partnering with community committees to reinvigorate barren parkland.

Cr Mark Rodda put pressure on council last month to revisit the issue, suggesting more community partnerships could be the answer.

He said the lack of shady trees, gardens and foliage offered in many parks, as well as limited play equipment or shelter needed to be addressed.

He cited Angora Park, Treloar Park, Hyman Park, Leo Park, Electra Park and Calool Park as some of the areas in need of attention, and added weed control and a bias towards maintaining the city’s premier parks over neighbourhood public spaces as other bones of contention.

TRC regional services director Peter Resch said council was very supportive of the idea as budget constraints limited its ability to maintain all parks to the same standard.

“We have finite resources in terms of staff and budget and we get gifted new parks for new developments every year and those parks get embellished and then they require ongoing maintenance,” Mr Resch said.

“We would dearly love to be able to work with local residents to help maintain their parks.”

Council would gather interest from those wishing to adopt their local park in the first instance, Mr Resch said, and those willing to assist would need to register as volunteers as part of the process.

Council already has a number of successful partnerships in place with community committees, including the friends of Altona and Karuah parks.

An announcement last month that the federal government plans to overhaul the welfare system by mandating work for the dole could also prove favourable for Tamworth regional parks, Mr Resch said.

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