Karissa shoots the best in country music industry

KARISSA Tuckwell has shot many of Australia’s country music stars, but they’ve all lived to tell the tale.

The photographer from Image Photography is demonstrating how this region has much to offer the country music industry, not just in January.

Her latest “victim” is Toyota Star Maker Jared Porter.

Mr Porter has only held the title for less than two weeks, but he’s already back in Tamworth, having publicity photos taken.

Ms Tuckwell said she thought it was good to have the photos taken in Tamworth by a local photographer.

“Local people know local locations and you can get that local feel. And we love country music,” she said.

“Why not have more people come here to have the best locations for their albums?” 

The photographer has shot photos for Troy Cassar-Daley’s album, Home, and Star Makers including Liam Brew, Kaylee Bell, Luke Austen, Luke Dickens and Bob Corbett.

“I love taking their photos, because you really get to hear the stories behind their songs,” she said.

“They’re normal, natural, everyday country people.

“I love the sparkle you see when you show them the album cover and that they’ve been portrayed the way they want to be portrayed.”

Mr Porter will spend three days in Tamworth for the photo shoot and to discuss his Nashville trip and other Star Maker commitments.

He hopes to publicise the plight of Australian farmers and raise money for them during his 12 months as Toyota Star Maker, and has already racked up 2500km on his Rav4, which he won as part of his prize.

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