Softball bounces back by touching base with kids

SOFTBALL was almost extinct in Tamworth a few years ago.

However that has turned around considerably, Tamworth Softball Association’s (TSA) marketing and promotions officer Rebekah Kingdom said.

“Softball was almost obsolete just a couple of years ago – the number of people getting involved overall is now over a hundred,” she  said.

“Consistently, 15 to 20 children are turning up Saturday mornings for the Batter Up program.

The TSA is delighted with the number of children taking up an interest in the sport.

“Their commitment was shown by attending first day back after the summer break, and sweating it out on the field as they undertook some basic skills training,” Kingdom said.

“Now into the second 10- week portion of the Batter Up program, the children aged 3 to 10 years, enjoyed a 30-minute T-ball game in the last half of the morning, and finished up with some much deserved icy-poles.

“The women’s softball also recommenced last Saturday.

“With the sun blazing and the wind hot, teams were sweltering but persistent in temperatures recorded on field in the low 40s.”

Riverside Cup (Round 10): South Strikers d Diamond Pythons 13-3, United Fruitbats struggled with the heat, losing 21-2 against Diamond Scorpions and United Oldbats beat the younger United Numbats 12-11. League Cup (Round 11): United Wombats received a forfeit from United KIAbats, South Strikers lost 10-4 to Diamonds Tigers.

This week: Riverside Cup (Round 11): United Numbats v Diamonds Scorpions (3pm Porter Diamond), South Strikers v United Fruitbats (3pm Diamond 5), Diamonds Pythons v United Oldbats (5pm Porter Diamond). League Cup (Round 12): United Wombats v South Strikers (3pm Webb Diamond), United KIAbats v Diamonds Tigers (5pm Webb Diamond).

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