Rear-to-kerb relied on

A TAMWORTH man who relies on rear-to-kerb parking to get his disabled wife in and out of the car says he would have to leave town if nose-to-kerb parking was adopted.

Neville White’s wife Janette has been wheelchair-bound since she suffered a stroke 15 years ago.

To unload her wheelchair, Mr White uses a ramp more than two metres long which extends out the boot of his car.

The long-time Tamworth resident said rear-to-kerb parking enabled him to unload the chair safely onto the footpath.

“In towns where there is nose-to-kerb, I have to either unload in the middle of the road and then find a park, or go out of town and find somewhere that I can rear park,” Mr White said.

“Putting the ramp into the traffic lane is very dangerous.”

The great-grandfather said navigating out of nose-to-kerb parking was also extremely tricky as he was unable to see outside his back windows.

It comes after a professional driver argued council should scrap rear-to-kerb parking because it contradicts normal traffic flow and leads to unnecessary congestion.

Tamworth Regional Council regional services director Peter Resch said council had no intention of switching.

A SUGGESTION to overhaul the city’s rear-to-kerb parking has ignited a passionate Facebook debate.

Here’s what some of you had to say when The Leader asked for your thoughts on the matter:

Tom Devrell: It’s a no brainer, rear-to-kerb. With nose-to-kerb you cannot see what the traffic is doing. Who wants to reverse blindly into traffic?

Kristy Hobson: Nose-to-kerb. People back into a large space (eg the street) more accurately than a smaller space. Half of this state and most of the other states have already worked this out.

Bernie English: Rear-to-kerb is much safer to put your children in your vehicle. Imagine putting your groceries in the boot of your car out there in the line of traffic.

Danny N Monique Atkins: You have to back into traffic either way. Nose-to-kerb is better for Peel St purely for the fact that if you’re eating at a kerbside cafe you aren’t chocked by exhaust fumes.

Ben Marsh: When you’re already driving you pay more attention reversing at the end of a driving stage rather than the beginning of a driving stage. There is a reason mine sites, industrial and construction sites enforce reverse parking.

Chantelle May King: I think nose-to-kerb in Peel St would be much better; less time waiting around for people to try to reverse in. I don’t think it needs to be done all over town but the amount of shocking parkers along the main street gets rather annoying. 

Lorraine Bennett: It’s okay driving in but reversing out is extremely difficult on a busy street, especially if you have a 4WD parked beside you. Leave well enough alone I say.

Dee Sharman: You still have to wait for them to come out of the park if they are nose in, so it really doesn’t matter either way. 

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