Stick nose in or back it up: How should we park?

REAR-to-kerb parking has been an institution in Tamworth as long as most residents can remember – but one professional driver argues the practice should be turned on its head.

Greg Rowlands of Tamworth Taxis says rear-to-kerb parking contradicts normal traffic flow and leads to unnecessary congestion.

“I’m totally in favour of nose-to-kerb parking,” Mr Rowlands said.

“I find rear-to-kerb parking is a disadvantage as it slows traffic movements down.

“Everyone has to stop to allow the car to reverse and park, whereas with noseto-kerb, the onus is on the parked vehicle to wait for a clear passage before entering back into the traffic.”

Depending on who you speak to, there are many pros and cons for noseto-kerb parking, which is in place in Dubbo, Wagga Wagga, Narrabri and Goulburn, to name a few.

Joblink Plus driving instructor Chris Achurch considers nose-to-kerb parking dangerous and a strong argument against its implementation.

“From personal experience when you are reversing out of a car spot, you can’t actually see,” Mr Achurch said.

“Narrabri do it there and if you don’t have your wits about you, you can have a collision due to the inattention of other drivers.”

However, Mr Rowlands said rear-tokerb parking also posed hazards, citing as an example an incident where a family member was mowed down by a reverse parker.

“A member of my family was going down the main street and a car just stopped and reversed straight into her,” Mr Rowlands said.

He admitted opinions on the contentious issue would not be easily swayed.

“If you look at photos of Tamworth back in 1925 it was rear-to-kerb parking,” he said.

“It’s a mindset thing; they have just stuck with it ever since.”

Tamworth Regional Council regional services director Peter Resch said council had no intention of switching to nose-to-kerb parking.

“There is no real reason for us to consider making what would be a major change,” Mr Resch said.

“We are happy with what we have got.”

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