Peel St the premier spot for pace bowlers

John Muller continues to bob up in the best spots. 

One of the city’s great old bowlers, musos and gentlemen, John caught up with another great, former Test cricketer Glenn McGrath, who had the distinction of staying two doors up from former St George footballer and current Westpac rescue Helicopter chief Richard Jones.  Jonesie was on a scouting mission late last week and helped the likes of Gunnedah dozer, Tim “the Typhoon” Muldoon experience a bit of Country Music fun with the likes of former Newcastle Knight Tim Maddison. But back to John Muller.

“I spent over two hours in Peel Street round midday last Friday,” John told me. “There was a huge crowd and the atmosphere was electric. The Tamworth Country Music Festival is alive and very well. I was fortunate to meet Glenn McGrath for the first time. I’ve always admired Glenn McGrath as a bowler and, being a fellow quickie, over the last 20 years I have used Glenn’s action as a role model when coaching young cricketers. 

“His bowling action had two important factors. He always kept his right elbow at hip level with the ball seam held in an upright position during his run-in which gradually built up to the right speed at point of delivery. I’ve always maintained the body must be in an upright position when the ball is released, then follow through. This promotes more swing and accuracy.  Glenn and current Aussie paceman Ryan Harris are perfect examples with all the right techniques.”

John not only managed a happy snap with Ooh Aah Glenn McGrath but also had one with NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell, although he didn’t realise who he was at the time.

“There was a man whose face seemed familiar standing next to me so I asked him if he would mind taking a photo of me and Glenn with my camera to which he readily agreed,” John said.

“Then I suddenly recognised it was Barry O’Farrell! 

“I now have a photo of John Muller with Glenn McGrath taken by the Premier Barry O’Farrell. Certainly something special for my collection. He also was only too happy for me to take a photo of him and his lovely wife. 

“The way I met Barry O’Farrell caused lots of mirth at the Longyard vets’ golf presentation this morning.”

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