Three crazy smiling chickens

MOVE over Chook Man, there are some new roosters in town.

Just when you thought you’d seen every shade of crazy at the country music festival, along comes “Toot”, “Tyndall” and “Ruby”, three freaky friends on a mission for mischief.

The oddball trio, who roam the country year-round in what they call a “rocket ship”, spent the week dressed as chickens and frolicking in a blow-up pool on Peel St.

Describing their act as an art installation and “human experiment”, they also sing songs and lay “eggs” – white balloons which mysteriously appear out of their backsides.

“The festival needs to be shaken up, it needs more colour,” Ruby said. “We like to challenge people’s thinking. We want to give an alternative – not everyone has to be the same.”

They remain undeterred by the lukewarm response they received  yesterday from festivalgoers – pocketing just 90 cents at their busking session.

“Some people won’t even look at you while others try and crack your beak or push you over,” Tyndall said. “We just tell people to smile – it doesn’t cost anything.”

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