Bill Le Leu is raising bucks for son Beau

“LEFTY” Bill Le Leu is collecting money in the pubs this festival for his adopted son Beau, 7, who is a quadriplegic.

Bill and his partner Chris Davis are aiming to raise $40,000 to modify their car so Beau’s wheelchair can be lifted in and out.

Mr Le Leu said it was to make his son’s life easier, as each time they had to collapse the wheelchair and lift him in and out it created unnecessary stress on Beau.

When you consider Beau also has epilepsy, dystonia (spasms), a bile bag and is non-verbal, it becomes clear that the wheelchair ramp is required.

“We have to lift his chair in and out of the back of the car – but it’s not so much the car, it’s Beau’s little body ... it’s getting assistance to make his life easier,” Mr Le Leu said.

The Coffs Harbour couple come to the festival every year.

Mr Le Leu estimated he’s raised between  $3000 and $3500 so far.

“All the hotels have been very supportive of me going around with the bucket,” Mr Le Leu said. “Plus, many of the bands including The Whiskey Mountain Boys and Uncle Bob’s Jug Band, Col Finlay and Mike Vee have also been very supportive.”

The public had also been very generous and he always received “positive responses” from people.

Mr Le Leu is pretty hard to miss, as he only has one arm and wears a T-shirt with a big picture of Beau.

The couple is also organising a charity gig at Club Coffs in Coffs Harbour on March 30 to raise more money for the ramp. They are looking for bands who might want to play at the gig – call 0439 770 530.

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