VIDEO: What the Sunny Cowgirls wrote to you on Facebook 

DID you tune in to our Facebook chat-a-thon with The Sunny Cowgirls this afternoon?

In a Northern Daily Leader first, the girls dropped in to the office and spent 30 minutes on our page answering the questions of their dear fans.

The Golden Guitar finalists also left our readers a special video message.

Scroll down to view the video and a sample of what was said on Facebook today!

Head to to view the full chat transcript!

 1. Daniel Nash:If you could Write a song with anyone outside of the country music, who would it be?

The Sunny Cowgirls: John Mayer

2. Rebecca Collins: Any chance of an all ages gig in Victoria?

The Sunny Cowgirls: Hi Rebecca, yes we'll be coming down to VIC in April. The dates are on our website

3.Michaela Jenke: Hey girls Do you have any recommendations of what a good brand of guitar is for a first acoustic guitar?

The Sunny Cowgirls: Get a maton Michaela! I've got a little 808

4: Dit Franke: Hi girls good to see you out and about seen you at the denni and so did my granddaughter and she loved it wondered if you would ever do a show some where near Oakdale some time

The Sunny Cowgirls: Deni is our favourite! Hope to get back again soon. If we're in the area, we'll let you know

5. Daniel Nash: If you could Write a song with anyone outside of the country music, who would it be?

The Sunny Cowgirls: John Mayer

6. Rj Hosking: Whens the next time you girls at playing at the hallam pub in Melbourne next? And will there be shirts,hats and stubbies on display for purchase?

The Sunny Cowgirls: We'll be coming back to Hallam in April, and yes we'll have lots of merch with us! Check out the dates on our website.

7: Jennifer Bowden: Any chance you might come back thru the year to do another concert as it would be great to see you as i cant get to many shows

The Sunny Cowgirls: Around Tamworth? Maybe... You never know! We'll keep you posted.

8: Nelly Bar: We went to your Perth DVD filming. That was heaps of fun. Coming back soon?

The Sunny Cowgirls: Hi Nelly! Yes, we'll be back in WA for a tour around May. Will keep you posted 

9: Matthew Sturt: Do you girls always see eye to eye with one another or is there fights lol?

The Sunny Cowgirls: We're pretty good Matthew. Great mates, although we do fight occasionaly as all sisters do!

10: David Williams: Hi ladies, have you seen many bands at the festival this year? Who would you recommend as a little known but good band or artist?

The Sunny Cowgirls:  Yeah heaps of great music on....Matt Cornell on tonight at 5pm at Legends, Bolton Crook at the PO Hotel, Sam Hawksley at the Tamworth Hotel.

11: Kayarna Pepper: What's your favourite part of the festival?

The Sunny Cowgirls: Music, friends and beer!!!

12: Marguerite Van Ness: Even though their songs are very Aussie and I love that, do they think they might want to test the USA? We could use some real talent up here.

The Sunny Cowgirls: We'll try to get there one day!!!

 The Sunny Cowgirls sign off:  It's 2pm and we've gotta run! It's been fun chatting. Hope to see a few of you at the Grog Monsters Ball tonight at the Longyard. Tickets available at the Longyard bottle shop. See you there! Love Soph & Less xx

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