Festival crowds up and crime down

THE country music crowds are up in Tamworth but it seems bad behaviour and crime is way down.

Police have praised festival-goers whose behaviour is reflected in a drastic drop in arrest rates.

Operation Portage Commander Superintendent Greg Moore said police were swarming entertainment precincts to keep an eye on things.

“The crime rates are continuing to remain at much lower levels than previously experienced at this time in previous years,” he told The Leader.

“I think the high presence of police and some of our covert operations are helping to identify potential troublemakers at an early stage and we’ve been able to deal with them swiftly.”

Police dealt with a handful of minor incidents such as underage drinking through the weekend but in general people are acting in the right spirit and officers are hoping it continues.

“We’re encouraged by the overall conduct of the festival-goers and I take the opportunity to commend the police for all their hard work to ensure that crime and anti-social behaviour remain at the low levels we’re currently experiencing,” Superintendent Moore said.

About 230 officers are on the beat throughout the 10-day festival, either on foot, with dogs, on bikes, in cars and even on a golf buggy.

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