Fortune teller saves a country fan’s life 

THERE will be no shortage of people walking past the wagon of fortune teller Miss Gypsy Whitemoon in Peel St in coming days and rolling their eyes.

But before dismissing the card-reader as nothing more than a fairground charlatan, perhaps they should consider the claimed experience of one local woman.

The Tamworth woman, who visited Miss Gypsy during last year’s festival, has unequivocally credited the fortune teller with saving her life.

Known only as Mary, the woman was ordered by Miss Gypsy to see a doctor 

immediately after her cards revealed she was going to die of a nasty illness.

The check-up revealed a previously undiagnosed life-threatening auto-immune disorder that required treatment.

Miss Gypsy heard nothing more until the woman sought her out at the recent Parkes Elvis Festival to express her gratitude.

“I saw you last year and you told me to see a doctor urgently – thanks for saving my life,” the woman wrote in the fortune teller’s book of testimonies.

Miss Gypsy was taught cartomancy, which revolves around seeing meaning in combinations of cards in a standard pack, by her grandmother and said Mary’s case was just one of her many successes.

“If you shuffle and put your energies on a deck of cards, I guarantee that I can tell you things about yourself – about your past, present and future,” she said.

Miss Gypsy, who as well as practising cartomancy has degrees in social work, education and criminology, said the Tamworth Country Music Festival was her favourite event of the year.

“The highlight of my year is coming to Tamworth and hanging out with people and listening to music and reading for people, telling them their futures, their fortunes and keeping their secrets forever,” she said.

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